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Curtains and Draperies are wonderful elements to make any house a home. Curtains can greatly enhance the ambience and style of the living environment, while also functioning as protection from sunlight, heat and providing you with privacy.

Whilst ready-made off-the-shelf curtains may seem like a great option, you will always have better results and very often at a more affordable price when you look at made-to-measure options.  

Made to measure curtains give you the flexibility to choose between a variety of headings. This refers to the manner in which the curtain is hung from the pole. The style of heading can completely transform the overall aesthetic of your curtains, from the popular inverted pleat headings to S-fold headings and more.

Made to measure curtains also give you the choice between different trimmings, tiebacks, valances or curtain swags, as just a few examples of the finishing touches to enhance your bespoke curtains.

It can be a challenge to find matching accessories for pre-made curtains but with made to measure you can even have these made with matching colours or fabric – including scatter cushions for your bed or sofa! 


Whilst materials and colour and the obvious elements to consider when selecting your curtains so too is the style.

We can help you with S Fold/Wave fold, Inverted pleat, Double Pinch Pleat, Triple Pinch Pleat and Gather Tape.

Remember we are here to help you. During your consultation, we can show you samples of each and also outline the pros and cons for each relative to your needs.

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Wave Fold Sheer with Blockout Lining
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Box Pleat, Inverted Pleat Heading
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Before and after of holiday unit refurbishment

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Case Study - Surf Life Saver Prize Home

Trish is regularly called upon for her consistent level of expertise, quality finishes and skills all providing a touch of flair and class to any of her projects. Trish provided her talents to all of the curtains, outdoor foam cushions around the pool area for this Surf Life Saver Prize Home.

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