Say Goodbye to 2021 Trends

Trisha Shipp

Trisha Shipp

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2021 Decor Trends

As we head into 2022 we can say goodbye, but not forever, to some of 2021 decor trends. From brights and neutrals to patterns and shine.

Be Bold!

Luxurious and eye-catching. Colour makes a statement in interior decor 2020/2021. Be bold!

Soft Furnishings

Soft Furnishings make the space – did you know we can do these for you too?

Stand out from the crowd and accessorise your furnishings with a unique style. Trish can help you with this so that you get the right feel for your room or space.

The Natural Look

The natural look with beautiful linen style fabrics give a real texture and can give a sense of peace to your room. Linen does tend to crumple easily, however, we have some stunning fabric options for you that will give the same textured look without the crumple and will hang beautifully.

Luxury & Gold

Christian Fischbacher

Luxury & Gold makes a comeback and if this is a look you love, we have a range of fabulous fabrics you’ll just not want to take your eyes off! From the sumptuous and luxurious fabrics to regal and stunning metallics, your home will be the envy of all.


Greys & Charcoals

One of the most popular colours this past year has been soft greys and charcoals, and they’re still very popular! The great thing about these classic shades is you can easily change up your room with the addition of different coloured accessories.

Cushions by the Pool

Wanting your outdoor space to look cool, elegant and relaxing? No problem!

Whether you prefer bright colours or soft neutrals – there are some fabulous patterns to choose from this year!

And don’t worry – Trish is here to help you with a stunning array of samples and ideas.

Ceiling to Floor Curtains

Ceiling to floor curtains are extremely popular and can give a room a real look of luxury.
We sometimes have to add a bit of strength to your ceiling to hold them, but our installer does that for you.

Toprical Themes

Tropical themes are still strong and can really pull together a very cool and inviting look. All you need to add here is the Gin and Tonic!

Classical & Elegant

Not into colour but don’t want plain? Choose from our extensive range that gives you an on-trend style that remains classic and oh so elegant!

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