Custom Shutters Sunshine Coast

Custom Australian made shutters tailored to your specifications made locally on the Sunshine Coast

Custom made shutter designs on the Sunshine Coast to suit your home

Looking for window shutters for your home or office on the Sunshine Coast?

Window Shutters are designed to fit snugly inside an existing window frame, they can help insulate your home. When they are closed, they create a solid barrier across your windows, keeping the heat in when it’s cold and out when it’s warm. Conversely, when they are open, they allow greater airflow, allowing you to naturally ventilate your house. 

Let us help you determine which shutters meet your home and lifestyle requirements.

PVC Shutters

Ideal for wet areas such as Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen.

PVC Shutters are a great alternative to traditional blinds and curtain window coverings, offering high quality and durable shutter that is more cost-effective over timber or aluminium shutters. Looking like beautiful timber they are made for strength, durability, and performance.

Timber Shutters

Ideal for dry areas such as Rooms, Large Windows and Wardrobes.

Timber shutters are versatile and suitable for a variety of situations from traditional to modern settings. Their durability and ongoing popularity make them a wise investment choice when considering upgrading or improving your home.